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The political right keeps on winning because they have a fuck-it-all attitude . . . even when they’re dead wrong, they come across
defiant, confident, charged up . . . whereas we on the left keep
mincing our words, wringing our hands, pointing our fingers.

We’ve been losing badly lately, and voters hate the smell
of failure. Time to take a cold hard look in the mirror . . .
figure what the fuck went wrong.

Our obsession with identity politics is a huge part of the problem.
It’s wonderful and essential that we on the left are empathetic
souls who care deeply for the downtrodden and fight with passion
for justice everywhere, but a self-righteous and finger wagging
brand of political correctness has now become the essence of who
we are and the spirit of much of what we do.

If we’re ever going to be enchanted again, if we’re ever going
to be mysterious, spell-binding and mythical again, then we’ll
have to loosen up . . . stop intellectualizing so much, trust our
instincts and learn how to play jazz.

Miles Davis once said: “The biggest challenge in jazz
improvisation is not to play all the notes you could play,
but to wait, hesitate- then play what’s not there.” . . . and
there’s some strange kind of wisdom there. Learning
how to be wilder, crazier, more fuck-it-all-shoot-from-the-
hip-spontaneous in everything we do, may well be
the secret — our way back into the planetary flow.

— Kalle Lasn

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AB# 142

The Metameme Insurrection