the hidden coordinates of reality

If you take a cold hard look at how our global system works, then you’ll see it runs on a foundation of well-entrenched precepts that we hardly ever question.

the ladder of truth

For example, most of us take it for granted that economists know what they’re doing . . . that toxic financial instruments like derivatives and credit default swaps are business as usual . . . that flash trading is an efficient way to run stock exchanges . . . that money can run freely across borders but people can’t . . . that secrecy is a normal part of democracy . . . that there will never be an end to arms trading . . . that no matter how heinous a crime a corporation commits, we cannot revoke its right to exist.

But now, caught in an existential crisis with no obvious way out, we must question these hidden coordinates of reality . . . and think about how to smash our way out of that reality and create a new one.

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AB# 142

The Metameme Insurrection