In the beginning there was logic...

then measurement, geometry and mathematics . . . then, for a few hundred years, we tried to prove the existence of God by using the laws of logic . . . then Descartes came up with “I think therefore I am” . . . then the enlightenment and modernism kicked in . . . and finally, hallelujah! the logical positivists of the 20th century — freaky, anal pipsqueaks all — perpetrated one of the most dastardly logic-freak acts in all of human history:
They invented the “science” of economics.

Unhappy with their reputation as practitioners of “the dismal science” (a “lowly” enterprise encompassing only the effeminate social sciences), they yearned for a profession as rigorous and mathematically exact as the science of physics.

They measured and abstracted everything.
Sanitized everything.
Monetized everything.
Utility maximized everything.

And this mad act of instrumental rationality, is what has driven us to the existential crisis of climate change and the iron rule of financial capitalism that we now find ourselves in. — KL

Hey you
anal logic freaks
currently running the world system,

We want a global economy without derivatives, without credit default swaps . . . an economy free from flash trading — you buy a stock, you keep it for twenty-four hours! And we want a one-percent Robin Hood tax on all stock market transactions and currency trades . . . a global marketplace in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth . . . and serious jail time for all those fucking gluttonous one percenters who stash their money in offshore tax havens.

In short, we want a global economy that rewards real production, real work, real innovation and real value — a world economy not dominated by the abstractions and ministrations of high finance.

And you know what . . . over the next few years,
we’re going to motherfucking get it, too.

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AB# 144

The Age of Total Disruption

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