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From neoclassical economics to bionomics: Visualizing Federal Spending by Rebecca Xu, Sean Hongsheng Zhai

From neoclassical economics to bionomics: Visualizing Federal Spending by Rebecca Xu, Sean Hongsheng Zhai

Get it wrong: People revolt, ecosystems
collapse, empires fall.

Get it right—even for a brief moment: A surge of optimism, creativity and enlightenment pulses throughout the land.
After sixty boom years, it looks as though the world’s economic destiny is taking a major turn for the worse. Food. Water. Oil. Pollution. Temperature. Conflict. Brutality. Everything seems to be breaking bad … and the rising mood of pessimism and depression feels unstoppable.

A revolutionary leap in economic thinking
… a monumental mindshift in the way we think about growth, progress and finance may be the only way to stop this experiment of ours from spiraling into into climate apocalypse and a brutal
New Dark Age.

The contours of this paradigm shift are already discernible—it will be “bionomic.” It will recognize that our human money economy is just a subset of the Earth’s larger bioeconomy and not the other way around. This shift in perspective will change everything … it will invite us to see the world with new eyes … to value things differently … to rethink growth … to redefine progress and how it is measured. Above all it will open up a whole new mix of exciting policy alternatives for nations, businesses and individuals to pursue. And, in time, it will change the way we live and consume, by ushering in a revolutionary new kind of marketplace, a true-cost marketplace in which the price of every one of the trillions of products bought and sold each day tells the ecological truth.

Economics students: you are the heart of the insurrection. Download some memetic ammunition at, email [email protected] for a free digital copy of Meme Wars­—The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics, and then start stirring up some mayhem in the economics department of your university. Challenge your teachers in class. Demand a real-world curriculum. Nail the Kickitover Manifesto to all the prof’s doors!

–Kalle Lasn

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