Birth of the Mental Liberation Front

Big Tech is in our heads. We must grapple with the overwhelming power that swift-learning, data-gobbling machines have over our thoughts, our opinions, our emotions, our worldviews — our very sense of truth and reality. How can we protect ourselves against something that’s warping the very wits we need to fend it off?

We start small. The first baby steps have magic in them because they declare our resistance.

We start by flooding the social media — and the offices of the boy-kings of Silicon Valley — with Mental Liberation Front stickers. Damn right they’ll get the message. Here comes the MLF, a movement to free the Net and our minds.

Big Tech exploits us because it can. Our laws are stuck in the analog age. We must fight to unfurl that.

We’re now evolving into part-physical, part-virtual creatures — and need a new set of human rights to protect our hybrid selves. In the new paradigm of cyber sovereignty, harvesting personal data will be considered an assault. A crime.

We hack into the networks, monkeywrench the algorithms, interrupt surveillance. We take back our mental space by force.

That’s the endgame. It’s an ambitious goal, and it’ll take a while to climax. But beginning this year, we take the first bold step. We seed the Net and the HQs of the Big Tech corporations with the declaration that we have arrived.

We proclaim the birth of a global movement to free our minds: The MLF!

Dive deeper.

Join us.