A Copernican Shift in Economic Thinking

Neoclassical economics is a gigantic fraud. Yet the folks who teach and ply it are the last to know that the jig is up. Claiming to be doing “science,” they hide in their offices, shielded by impenetrable jargon and institution-sanctioned untouchability.

Meanwhile, beyond the ivory tower, forests vanish, species perish, and human lives are forever ruined by the very system these econo-wonks keep fueling.

We Third Forcers will put an end to this nonsense. If we’re going to have any kind of future on Planet Earth, we’ve got to pull off a paradigm shift in the ‘science’ of economics.

To kick things off, let’s circulate the Kick It Over manifesto. Let students, professors, professional economists and policymakers know that we’re coming for them.

By next year we’ll have set up subversive cells in the economics departments of universities around the world. Our game plan: to disrupt classes, paste posters in corridors, and nail Kick It Over manifestoes — Martin Luther–style — to professors’ doors.

Dive deeper.

Join us.