Corporate Crackdown

Somewhere between Santa Clara and Citizens United, We the People lost our confidence, our dignity. We rolled over — we let corporations walk all over us.

Job One now is to float a flurry of wild new ideas, to catch corporate America flat-footed . . . to fight a slowly unfolding meme war of provocative, beguiling, actionable ideas — like a

Size Tax


a Three Strikes and You’re Out law


The End of Shareholder Primacy

But let’s start small. On the Corpo front, let’s kick things off with a global vote to pick out the most heinous corporate criminal in the world.

Once the world’s number-one corporate criminal is chosen, we launch the mother of all boycotts against it. We wipe it clean off the face of the earth.

Once the first one falls, the rest will follow. We’ll smash the corporatocracy one by one!

And out of the ashes, a beautiful new power balance between people and corporations will emerge.

Dive deeper.

Join us.