A New Structure of Feeling

Look around you. What do you see? A beautifully designed world that enlivens and inspires, that nourishes the spirit and comforts the soul, that blows off the top of your head? Or a cold corporate polished-chrome veneer barely disguising the rotting megastructure beneath?

We have to liberate our creative potential from the corpo-command of big-box commercialism . . . to beautify, edify, and enchant once more!

On the Aesthetico front, we’ll march into the art and design schools around the world and remind the students that kissing corporate ass is a choice they can refuse. Enriching, not exploiting, is the path for them to blaze.

Come next year, we’ll start transforming the ambient tone of the world, stepping off the godless and immoral straight line we’ve been stuck on for the past two thousand years . . . and strike out on a wobbly new path towards jubilant, spontaneous, wonder-filled, play-jazz ways to live, love and think.

Join us.