Join us

against a future that does not compute


Hey all you eco-warriors out there,

You know what we’re supposed to do now, right? Sit back, shrug, and say the Paris climate deal is the best that we could hope for.

Maybe even clap our hands.

Not this time.

This time we take to the streets of every major city and smash the post-COP21 complacency. Paris is too little, too late, a toothless deal full of magical thinking. It doesn’t even scratch at the root of the problem: the global system that created the climate crisis in the first place.

That’s right—the same failed system that drives the yawning rich-poor gap, the extinction crisis, the doctrine of perpetual war.

This Saturday we come together in our rage, sorrow, compassion, defiance and determination against a global governance system that keeps us perpetually on the brink of ecological collapse, financial meltdown and World War Three.

Here’s what you can do right now to make this planetary flashpoint happen:


March this Saturday!

There are 25 actions confirmed worldwide everywhere large and small. New York City, Oslo, Tehran, Argentina, the United Kingdom – Will you join us for #D19?

Register your city here to join the #BillionPeopleMarch with dedicated grassroots activists and organizers from around the world

The Lone Wolves Prowl: A revolutionary new tactic

This Saturday, why don’t you walk or bicycle away from the main street protests and go prowling in the back streets, malls and boulevards of your city. Go solo or with a few close friends. Choose your own actions, pick your own moments. Random, rhizomatic, unstoppable, beautiful! Secret gestures have their own way of making history.

As a marcher or a lone wolf, join us this Saturday in this the first of a series of planetary flash points that will rock the current global system to its core.

For the wild,

The Blackspot Collective