West Bank: 5 Broken Cameras

In 2005, Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat bought his first video camera. Originally intending to record the birth of his son, Burnat ended up capturing five years of turmoil and non-violent resistance in Bil’in, a West Bank village under increasing threat from Israeli settlements. Burnat uses his five cameras — each one broken successively during conflicts between villagers and the occupying forces — to document the struggle for Bil’in, as farms are bulldozed, new Israeli homes are built, and protests intensify. “I know they may knock on my door at any moment,” says Burnat, “But I’ll just keep filming. It helps me confront life and survive.”


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This is a cool article that I found. There should be more like these! Which brings me to my next point!
I have a few suggestions and a few gripes I wanna get off my chest. Is ther an email for u guys? I couldnt find one. decentralization is good to a point but cohesion and organization is key. Any who besides that I was wondering if you guys and gals can do a piece on Christiana Denmark. All I get from ppl is Anarchism wont work.It exists in Denmark now and many other examples in History it has worked or at least principals of Anarchism have worked. The Israeli Kubbitz, The Amish, Aspects of the Wild West in the old U.S. Even some Native American tribes could be considered Anarchist. Uhhh The old pirates back in the day had Many Anarchist type ideals. The Paris Commune and also in Spain when socialists and Anarchists took over the factories. Also NO ONE ever mentions we got the 8 HOUR WORK DAY and LABOR UNIONS thanks to ANARCHISTS. We would all still have no labor laws, 8 year olds getting ther hands chopped off and working 12 hr days for 8 hrs pay etc. No one mentions this. Its funny because MAY DAY and The Hay market riots started HERE in the US in Chicago where I am from, From what I kno the government then changed Labor day (go figure) to September all due to the Black scare in the late 19th early 0th century and more famously the Red scare.What kind of Anarchists are you guys anyways? Do you support Anonymous or do they support you? Have you guys done anything on Banksy ever? What abt Immortal Technique or Rage Against the Machine? John Lennon or Lupe Fiasco? Im pretty sure all would give permission if asked and done right. What abt Crime thinc? Shout out to them? Or Kropotkin Emma Goldman Howard Zinn or Chomsky? Howard Zinns a peoples History Books like Ishmael or even the Alchemist or a really good one Stephen Kinzers Overthrow and Orwells 1984 of course. Seems like we Anarchists are elitist ourselves many times an don't band together, what abt the IWW? Or the SDS or weather underground> I have seen many of u guys denounce the old ways but why not unify and learn from their mistakes? What abt Crass? V for Vendetta the movie and Comic By Alan Moore? Games like Falllout new Vegas that have an Anarchist group within them?Also there is a COOL robin hoodd gang in Germany that robs from the rich and gives to the poor. I never see any articles on any of these games, artist or writers. If we want t spread our philosophy shouldn't''t we spread it a little more? Its so obscure. i AGREE W tom morello FROM rage WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Its great to play to Anarchists in abandon buildings but them signing with Sony the whole world got to hear them. They played Woodstock, a free Tibet concert and they closed down wall street. Could they do any of that if they WEREN'T FAMOUS? They protested the Rnc and the Dnc back in 2000 and played another free show at the RNC 2008 to protest McCain. Tom also played here in Chicago for the Nato protest. Was any of this written at here? If not it should be. We Anarchists dont have a home, it pisses me off there is no group I can meet in Chicago or website that has combined all these ideas.Always a band of nomads scoping around which is cool but how will we know where we are going when we dont know where we came from or dont know whos coming with. I like a surprise as much as the next bloke and Improv is awesome but a little organization Cohesion never hurt anyone. Did anyone report on Pittsburgh? dnc or Rnc 08? what abt Nato here in Chicago? The RNC in Florida this yr? The g8 at camp Davis?. Its not like I can turn on CNN and see what Anarchists are doing at this time. We dont have a Website in this day and age!!!? WTF What abt those Massive protests in GREECE over the killing of the Anarchist boy and the riots that ensued over that and the economic spiral in 08. They see us and see this shit and think we (Anarchists) ARE HOOLIGANS OUT to DESTROY THE WORLD when IN REALITY we are HOOLIGANS out to SAVE the WORLD. Should we write any of this on here? or should i jump ship and take this somewhere else? Start a blog or some shit. I feel like one of those 40 yr old guys w an aluminum foil hat and newspaper clippings on his wall hahaha. Hit me up or something. Also how much does ur newspaper cost? is it digital only? and I wanna buy those Blackspots but am waiting for a sale do u guys email coupons ever? 75 is alot to shell out for a poor college student! Other then that keep up the good work. Love that u guys supported Support occupy. We finally made it big lets keep the momentum going.

Ok scrolled through and u guys have lots of good articles that I must have overlooked! My bad, Maybe a search engine would suffice or a categorizing by sections or something idk. Well its late and have work tom see u guys topside

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