Surviving An Existential Winter

Al Jazeera follows Occupy through the winter as the movement continues to build after violent evictions across the country.


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Flood the big shots with written letters at home an work? Show up when they go to and from work or the country club? Create traffic jams and flash mobs that show up and disappear before the security knows whats going on?

200,000 people show up at camp david when noone is there and stay for awhile? Gated neighborhoods the biggest camp at the gates? Flood streets with cars to boggle up traffic when the elites are meeting or to disrupt hteir comings and goings?

ACTUAL GOOD IDEA ---> Direct energy into watching squads with leadership, computer, and real eye on time components on as many of the big players as possible, these super rich will be doing something wrong Ill bet that. OCCUPY the WATCH

The first occupy event I participated in was on november second in Tulsa Oklahoma. We were performing civil disobedience by 10 of us sitting on the grass in a circle in a public park after curfew protesting when the Tulsa police showed up with 75+ officers, 2 swat teams, and a LRAD to deal with 10 aparently extremly dangerous protesters.
Webmaster Dean

In each city, these actions will and should look different. Many groups are still using the original occupation sites for general assemblies and ongoing organizing/service centers...and then going home at night to rest and fight another day.

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