Stand up to Fossil Fuel Giants

Fighting climate change beyond Qatar.

Today, delegates from nearly two hundred nations are gathering in Qatar for the UN's COP18 – the latest round of UN climate talks aimed at cutting greenhouse-gas emissions.

While they all try to talk it out in Qatar, Bill McKibben and his grassroots initiative with may achieve far more on the ground than any solemn swear of re-commitment to the Kyoto Protocol will at Qatar. This new < a href="">campaign is spreading an urgent message face-to-face all over the country, as this group of activists visit over twenty cities in the USA. Their message: it's simple math. We can burn 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of warming – anything more than this risks total catastrophe for all life on the planet. The problem: fossil fuel corporations now have 2,795 gigatons in their reserves, five more times the safe amount . . . And they’re planning to burn it all – unless we rise up to stop them.


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As human beings we have to do something fast before it is too late. I agree use the sun as a source of energy, because it is free for all of humankind.

I would think that the Tar Sands of Alberta should be the number one target when it comes to future emission issues. They are going full steam ahead with massive construction and massive investment with nobody standing in their way. I think their motto is build as big and as quickly as they can before the rest of the world notices. Than they can say it's too late.

The reason we are going to burn all this fossil fuel is because it's a "predictable" outcome, ie. we sell the carbon, we get super rich, we create secure communities of super rich to survive the apocalypse, we win. If we *don't* sell all the carbon, and allow renewables to provide a solution, we just become dinosaurs and decline while the rest of the world prospers. What's the point of that!?! Thus, we shall sell all the fossil fuels and let you kill yourselves with it. That's how we win. We are the 'true believers' in climate change.

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