Stand up to Fossil Fuel Giants

Fighting climate change beyond Qatar.

Today, delegates from nearly two hundred nations are gathering in Qatar for the UN's COP18 – the latest round of UN climate talks aimed at cutting greenhouse-gas emissions.

While they all try to talk it out in Qatar, Bill McKibben and his grassroots initiative with may achieve far more on the ground than any solemn swear of re-commitment to the Kyoto Protocol will at Qatar. This new < a href="">campaign is spreading an urgent message face-to-face all over the country, as this group of activists visit over twenty cities in the USA. Their message: it's simple math. We can burn 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of warming – anything more than this risks total catastrophe for all life on the planet. The problem: fossil fuel corporations now have 2,795 gigatons in their reserves, five more times the safe amount . . . And they’re planning to burn it all – unless we rise up to stop them.


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I thought that too, until I did my research, Anonymous. You see, extracting this ancient resource, which takes millions of years for the planet to produce (and takes us a generation to exploit) is depriving the planet of it's "blood". Perhaps, we need to come to the conclusion that nature is more intelligent than we are...
For 99% of human history man has lived in communal, hunter-gatherer cultures. Such cultures are what he suggests we need to return to. Industrial civilization is an anomolie and will not sustain itself. With 90% of original forests gone, 90% of big fish in the ocean gone, a warming planet and infrastructure and economies based on hyperexploited resources, wars and may be time to wake up and clean up the mess instead of seeing fiat money more valuable than survival of planet and of us. Do the math. Much love.

I say YOU learn to eat without cooking, and YOU learn how not freeze to death in the winter without heating.

Let us know how that works out, ok Jack?

And seeing that you have no job, or prospects for one, commuting should not be a problem for YOU.

New groovy logo for mindless econuts: If you can't walk there, stay at home.

Anonymous displays a perfect example of the ignorant sheeple this species, planet and consciousness is being bogged down by.
Thank you "Anonymous" for making so easy to laugh at you and go on about our day with a clear idea of what NOT to be :)
Some advice; turn off your television set and read a book....shit - read a few, do your research.
People only attack what they do not understand...

While running in place, politicians and corporate leaders are impressed by how much progress they are making. They look at their bank accounts, access to decision makers, and legislation promoted and signed-off on as key indicators of success. But what they are really measuring is their own vanity--while the world burns.


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