Quebec Student Uprising

Massive unrest is sweeping Quebec in Canada where 15,000 students have taken the streets. On Earth Day, they were joined by more than 300,000 protesters. A short film by Alex Pritz produced for the McGill Daily


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"more than 300,000 in the streets, is underway as we speak." No, only 10-20,000 for this Quebec Student Strike demo. Last weekend was 300,000 for Earthday, no doubt inspired by the March 22 demo of about 250,000 in solidarity with the student strike. Tonight was a defiant demo because the government effectively broke off negotiations designed to end the 11 week strike. BTY, around minute 2.00, the police are pepper spraying, I believe, the crew from CUTV media.

Yep, I was the one filming this and the CUTV crew was right beside me. "300k in the streets" is indeed misinformation, it was around 15k that night I believe. Full story from the McGill Daily, along with more video:

I have to say, even if the April 25 protest is an important one (and these images are shocking), that night, there was around 15 000 in the streets (according to SPVM), protesting against the rise of tuition fees.

On April 22, 300 000 people walked in Montreal for Earth Day, but also to protest against liberal gouvernment, against Plan Nord, against the rise of tuition fees.

Also, on March 22, 200 000 people walked in Montreal protesting against the rise of tuition fees.

Around 175 000 students have been on strike for 11 weeks (the peak was on March 22 where 300 000 students were on strike). The liberal gouvernment refuse to meet student representatives.

What a spring!


Scientology Nazi satanic political cult control of education institutions and unions.


This information is now in the hands of millions of people across the globe. This email is the shortened version of an 18-page fax which was sent out describing some of the atrocities in more detail.

Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a human brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who want to attack, control and slow-kill, MURDER people, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain to attack human body. Essentially, that person is staring at a gun barrel ready to kill.

This is an entirely new arsenal of military weapons, (intended only to be used on the enemy in time of war but is being illegally used on good citizens, innocent civilians). Psychotronic technology is based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body's psychological and physical data-processing capabilities, and is used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and physical data-processing systems of the human organism. Using latest military technologies illegally they see what we see as in camera and thus steal everything from us and damage our eyes!

Scientology uses wireless psychotronic and wireless predictive mind control technologies, by illegally accessing human brains and our medical and private information wirelessly, (without our consent or informed knowledge) using person's health and brain information. They, through the use of illegal wireless military technologies have all our information: pin numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, passport and visa information, our tax returns, how much money each of us has, where we live, our credit line, how much money we owe, our telephone numbers, who we talk to-they listen to our conversations, what we think, read, see, type, write and say, regardless of the security we had installed at your residences or businesses, (they bypass security) government departments, or private business, including courts and law firms. (all of it is now in the hands of this the most dangerous terrorist world’s organization, stored on Cloud computers, their hard drives somewhere.) They have the ability to alter all of the above. We need to find out where these hard drives are and destroy all of Scientology technologies, shut them down completely. They are too dangerous.

Scientology stole and copied our memories and knowledge, stored them on wireless technological servers or Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture, murder and rape including using EMF overhead radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with reels to supercomputers which listen and learn for the purposes of further torture attacks, using “yes”/”no” or good cop, bad cop technique, in essence taking out the middle, the person. They assigned us barcodes or I.P.s, human GPS. Brian Mulroney, (he is a lawyer) Canada’s former prime minister approved this on order by Scientology, for Canadian people without informing us in 1980s when he was Canada’s prime minister. No provisions were mad to protect Canadians from attacks by these technologies. After he was voted out from office, he sued Canadian Government and Canadian people for some trivial matter and collected 25 million dollars from the taxpayers.

Jean Chrietien, also Canada’s former prime minister also supports Scientology. As far as I know, no laws had been written or provisions made to protect the public, and we were not informed that they intended to do this to Canadians. Millions of people, as I am are suffering from these attacks!

First they attacked Poland, then Greece, then California, then Ontario Canada, forced them into bankruptcy, and now they are going for the throats of all world’s taxpayers!

- Psychotronic wireless murder technologies
- Psychotropic prescription drugs
- Psychiatric medical methodologies – what does all of this tell you?! It tells me premeditated murder – INTENT! MURDERS! GENOCIDE!

Here are the websites with some information. See this very small partial list about these extremely dangerous to our humanity technologies (these are old technologies – the latest are still classified and kept from the public): - they are not actually stalking us, it is not actually stalking (they are stalking us as well) – we are wirelessly connected to psychotronic computer servers, murder machines, which are making it look as if there numerous people, when in fact, the programmers programmed psychotronic computer servers which are wirelessly connected to us to use numerous sounds, i.e. male, female, children’s voices, also, they are attaching themselves to all sounds at random, followed with a wireless hit to our bodies at random as well, even when we urinate. (It’s the Beast – song: “California Hotel” - Eagles' album of the same name and was released as a single in February 1977 about This Beast – Scientology, The Birds – wireless human attack technologies.

Sites about psychotronic information:

There is information on the Internet about patents for these technologies, despite the fact that Scientology is hiding the latest, and is preventing us from accessing that information; they broke the Internet and are redirecting us to Scientology duplicated Internet sites, are blocking legitimate sites, preventing emails from reaching their destinations etc. (this is all illegal). They have controlled Human Resources and Employment Agencies everywhere for decades.

Information about some of the patents for these slow-kill murder machines technologies can be found on these websites: There are many such websites.

Scientology International Nazi satanic cult, my next-door neighbours, Dams, Dutch terrorist family , their corrupt Caledonia Ontario Provincial police who resides in Fonthill, Ontario and who participate in torture and rape for profit experiments, (Cecil, Sybrich Dam, their children and grandchildren), members of Dutch “Christian Reformed Church” on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, along with their cohorts, the police, medical profession have been using wireless psychotronic mind control technologies illegally on me and millions of Canadian, US and world-wide citizens. They illegally wirelessly assigned us barcodes or people PIPs or human GPS and attached us to psychotronic supercomputers onto which our memories and knowledge, medical information, financial information were copied and are being used to attack us 24/7, whether you know it or not. They start out this process slowly stalking people for decades, so we wouldn’t notice, and increase their attacks in intensity as years progress, always stalking. They illegally physically damaged, scarred our brain stems. This can be proven.

Scientology keeps their members in the dark, feeding them only one steady diet of Scientology and nothing else and many members have no idea of the horrendous terror they have inflicted on our humanity. Many of those who know, are willing participants in these atrocities for their profit. Others are afraid of Scientlogy and are looking the other way. This is the worst thing that any one of us can do. We are connected to wireless murder machines, and they intend to kill us all – we might as well fight them, if we don’t, we don’t have a chance of ever surviving, or winning – we will remain their slaves, our children will be their slaves, and our grandchildren as well. We are all at risk.

Some of the illegal (intended only to be used by the military in case of war on the enemy, but are being used on innocent civilians) technologies Scientology Nazi satanic cult organization have been using are: EMF, (overhead, wireless radiation – because of that, fertility has decreased in North America), NRM, V2K, Silent Sound, SIGNALS, DEW, ELF, SIGINT, VDI, EBL, 3D Speech and sound, and numerous others (military human body assault technologies). Dams Dutch terrorist family who reside next-door to me on Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada have modified microwave equipment and have been “cooking” my body with microwave radiation coming directly from their house; modified radar guns, and stun guns. And they have been doing this to me and others continuously for decades. They are constantly raping me by sending wireless signals to my genitals. I moved numerous times, they followed. People have moved countries and even continents, only to find out that Scientology Nazi satanic cult using the above wireless technologies and in person followed them and continued their vicious attacks, always with the aid of police and medical profession to cover up their wrong doing.

Partial list of symptoms of these technologies: painful needle like wireless hits to the body, usually the eyes, followed after I either think or say something they don’t like, cause false heart attacks by enlarging the heart, painful signals sent to the brain, tingling anywhere in the body, (usually the legs), severe itching, constriction of throat, esophagus, feeling of invisible static electromagnetic cage field around the body, (this is very painful), feeling of being accessed in the genital area, (technological rape), visual disturbances, loss of fertility because of EMF radiation, instant hair loss, loss of creativity and productivity, chronic fatigue, injection of words, allergies, nasal stuffiness, manipulation of emotions, such as instant crying, instant aggression, anger, instant urination usually in public places to embarrass, eye irritation, reading of thoughts remotely, connecting individuals wirelessly to psychotronic supercomputers, murder machines, and running relays between psychotronic servers which listen and learn to reprogram for further attacks on an individual, (slow-kill murder), controlling sleeping patterns i.e. either put the person instantly to sleep while that person is driving on a highway at high speeds, (they did this to me on Queen Elizabeth Highway) or constantly attack, prevent that person from sleeping to cause disease, cause severe itching all over the body or in difficult to reach places such as inside ears etc., cause imbalance, falls; move body parts such as arms, legs, head, and even to cause people to give themselves a black eye or a bruise (even while that person is asleep), wirelessly lift a human body then throw that person violently to the ground, cause severe pain anywhere in the body such as: spinal cord, give extremely painful back-aches; pain in kidneys, pancreas, bones, soft tissue, teeth (even when teeth or limbs have been removed – they do this to soldiers whose limbs have been removed); pain in the soft tissue, anywhere in the body; mimic all diseases such as MS and Parkinsons because they are accessing our brains constantly; cause mental and physical diseases; wirelessly remove information about human body and brain send that information to Scientology wireless psychotronic supercomputers which rework that information, then put that reworked information back into our brains for a slow-kill wireless murder technique to cause disease, slow-kill murder to cover up and call it natural causes death.

They murder people for profit with wireless psychotronic murder machines and call it natural deaths. They attack our planet with wireless technologies capable of causing earthquakes, change weather conditions, cause tornados (etc. – all of it for their profit), and call it natural disasters. See (HAARP) technologies capable of creating earthquakes, tornados, instant lightning, and others. This is all done for profit reality shows.

As well we are being attacked in person by constant idiotic Scientology “street theatre” “reality shows”, (without our knowledge or permission which is another attack on us), Scientology wireless for profit “events” such as police abducting innocent citizens, (police abducted me six times in a decade at a cost of a million dollars to the taxpayers, once, the cop said to me: “And now, we will barter with Ms. Wallace. I had no idea what he was talking about. Now, I realize they abducted me for Scientology “reality shows”.) by removing people from their own premises, then illegally taking them to Scientology doctors in hospitals at an incredible cost to the taxpayers. (Once the police drilled right through my front door lock). Dams’ Dutch terrorist family have been stealing money from African Aid Relief Funds through Scientology front group, Dutch Christian Reformed “church” on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Many of Scientology Nazi satanic cult members work for Canadian government and hide under numerous disguises. They are illegally wirelessly recording their attacks on me and other people then sell that information and do not report revenues from profits, because how could they?! Scientology Nazi satanic cult is stealing intellectual property from all of us using wireless mind control technologies, and is illegally affecting the results of elections, dissertations (who gets university degree), weather conditions, sports events – using RNM, DEW, VDI and numerous other military wireless technologies etc. Do a search on the Internet on each individual technology I have listed above, it will explain to you how these technologies work.

My next-door-neighbours, Scientology members put me in a wireless technological torture chamber are bombarding my body with wireless overhead EMF radiation technological attacks which physically hurt my body as well as next-door microwave radiation coming from Cecil and Sybrich Dam’s house on Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada from modified microwave ovens, modified stun and taser guns etc. I moved five times in a decade, they continued to follow and continued their attacks physically, in person and using wireless human body attack psychotronic technologies. People have moved countries even continents - Scientology continue to follow them and continue their torture attacks on our humanity. They constrict my throat, send wireless signals to my stomach (my stomach hurts all the time), physically hurt me, constantly send numerous wireless messages using numerous wireless communication channels, constant body assault, psychotronic and dangerous mind control technologies to my brain directly to my ear canal on both sides of my head and directly through to my brain using Silent Sound and other communication Technologies. They attack me all night and prevent me from sleeping. They encased me in an electromagnetic invisible wireless torture chamber, I feel technologies around me all the time, they stalk me; it is worse at home because Cecil and Sybrich Dam are next door and they use police programmers through their corrupt son-in-law, member of Caledonia Ontario Provincial Police who resides in Fonthill, Ontario Canada to reprogram their attacks on me. Once, they woke me up from sleep (when I was still able to sleep), and screamed at me: "Are you going to join us now?!" And they are doing this to millions of people world-wide! Poland, Polish people are in perpetual trauma as I am and the world does not know it. They inflict the most horrendous trauma on people, yet, they, themselves are afraid of their own physical pain. Now, because of that fear and because they now know they will not get away with all of the atrocities they inflicted on our humanity, they are attempting to change through UN, death penalty law in the United States- don’t let them; let death penalty stay as is. They must go to the electric chair for the murders and terror they inflicted on us.

Scientology, Dam Dutch terrorist family (Cecil and Sybrich), uneducated and unintelligent, unethical people, their son-in-law a corrupt Caledonia Ontario Provincial Police and local police have the ability to change the outcome of elections, dissertations and who gets university degree using these technologies. They have been attacking athletes, making bets on the outcomes first, (thorough bookies and casinos), then using illegal wireless human body assault and mind control technologies make sure the outcome of sports events is in the favor of Scientology Nazi cult, Dams Dutch terrorist family, numerous cohorts and police according to how they bet through casinos and bookies. There is no point buying lottery tickets, everything is set up in their favor. Everything is preprogrammed in Scientology favor – you are wasting your money if you do.

Using these wireless technologies Scientology is programming people to either commit suicide or murder other people or do both – all for their for profit “reality shows”.

Here is a list of people who committed suicide while willingly participating in reality shows: This is a partial list of willing participants of reality shows who either committed suicide, attempted suicide, or murdered other people:

1. American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson’s mother and two other family members were brutally murdered in Chicago in October 2008.
2. American Idol contestant, Paula Goodspeed, who didn’t make it through the audition process, committed suicide in front of AI judge Paula Abdul’s house in November 2008.
3. The day he auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2010, Joe Finley’s wife Laura was found brutally murdered in the hotel where the show was being filmed.
4. Former Bachelorette contestant Julien Hug shot himself in the head in 2010 after leaving a suicide note for his girlfriend and driving to the desert in California.
5. Captain on The Deadliest Catch, Phil Harris, suffered from a stroke and the reality star tragically died in 2010.
6. Survivor producer Bruce Beresford Redman has been ordered back to Mexico to stand trial for the murder of his wife Monica, whose body was found in a sewage drain in their luxury hotel in April 2010.
7. Amy Winehouse Joins Other Dead Rockers In Macabre '27 Club'
8. Former Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant Ryan Jenkins committed suicide in August 2009 in a Canadian hotel room after brutally murdering his wife Jasmine Fiore and dumping her mutilated body in a suitcase in California.
9. Danny Bonaduce’s suicide attempt in 2005 was captured by cameras for his reality show Breaking Bonaduce in an emotional episode with his wife Gretchen.
10. MTV Punk’d producer Gabriel Ben Meir was brutally shot in the back of the head in May, 2011 by two robbers a block away from his home in Los Angeles.
11. Shacknai Death Mystery -- Cops To Review Hospital Surveillance Video
12. Joseph Cerniglia jumped to his death from George Washington Bridge in New York City in 2009, two years after being on Gordon Ramsay’s volatile reality show Kitchen Nightmares.
13. Rachel Brown, a contestant on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, shot herself in 2007 after appearing on the show.
14. Kellie McGee committed suicide after she made cruel remarks about her sister before her appearance on reality show Extreme Makeover 2005. And the list goes on …..

Scientology, wirelessly using psychotronic technologies, first programms people and events – makes bets on us and “events” everything for it to happen, then, they continue their in person and wireless vicious attacks to humiliate people, and force them to commit suicide – it is all in the wireless programming and Scientology tech; otherwise, the way they do things. See also Siros.

Using these illegal wireless psychotronic military technologies they are sending me messages to either join Scientology (for their cover up), or commit suicide. They constantly are wirelessly sending me messages: “decision”. Using military technologies they have the ability to disable all car components, all technologies, all machinery. They are running secondary channels and tunneling through all technologies, and thus are stealing from all of us.

Using latest wireless technologies they forged legal documents in California (and everywhere), and claimed that one cannot say anything against a church. There never was any such thing. And since when is a Nazi Party satanic cult mafia organization that is attacking our whole humanity a church?! Collect back taxes from them!

Scientology International Corporation stole so much money from pensions, that now, they intend to displace world’s seniors and force them to return to their respective countries of origin to cover up their activities and for further control. Using these illegal technologies they have the ability to cause and mimic all deceases including cancer. And they do all this with the help of our governments, the police, 911 services, the medical professions, and pharmaceutical companies. They participate on an enormous scale in human trafficking, abductions, pedophilia, street drugs and prostitution situations. Their intent is to turn all of our humanity into slavery. (By illegally assigning us barcodes or numbers they already have turned us into their slaves and consider us their wireless for profit “products” , just as Nazis did to Polish people and Jews during the Second World War). They physically damaged our brain stems, scarred them, and assigned each of us numbers, barcodes, PIP (people I.P.) human GPS within our bodies. (this can be proven). They keep putting this website everywhere: See: to legitimize what they had done – “in your face” ideology i.e. “yes, we did it, what are you people going to do about it”? Everything you can do with a “product” they can do with people and worse. They consider us their “possessions” or Scientology properties! Check out patents for these technologies; information is out there. Using these technologies, they are attacking nurses, patients and visitors in hospitals.

All our emotions, moods, and thoughts have a specific brain frequency, which has been catalogued and now is on Scientology Nazi satanic cult wireless supercomputers’ hard drives. If Brian Mulroney approved wireless human bar codes or human GPS for Canadians for Scientology Nazi cult organization when he was Canada’s prime minister, then he must be sued and arrested for criminal warfare against his own people, because no provisions were made to protect us. We would not be tortured and manipulated in a properly functioning legal and social system. And there appears nowhere for us to get help to disconnect us from Dams’ family and Scientology psychotronic supercomputers. ( One of the psychotronic hard drives is next door at Dam’s residence). Canadian law does not appear to protect us from these vicious attacks on our bodies and minds. When we seek help, we are being further victimized. Scientology organization is criminally liable as are my neighbours!

What we see and hear is not always what there is in reality because Scientology, Dam Dutch terrorist family and the police have been running secondary channels over top of everything, channeling through all technologies and are pushing down their harassment and propaganda messages, using our hydro, cellular communications, television technologies and other technologies and utilities. Everything they do is parasitic, they either run technologies over top of existing technologies, or tunnel through them. This is a dead society living parasitically off human and social flesh. Scientology is an offshoot of Jonestown Ghana cult of decades ago when 950 cult members committed suicide while their leader, Jones escaped. Arab Aviation is now denying landing privileges to 295 Scientology airlines to land in Ghana, Angola, Congo, Djibouti, Guinea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kurgyz, Liberia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Gabon, Phillipines, Sao Tome, Principe, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. Scientology is wirelessly on all flights – they followed me from Niagara Falls, to Pearson Airport in Toronto, Ontario Canada to Air Canada airplane and to Los Angeles and back to Canada. Extreme security risk!

Scientology distributed computer tablets to their members onto which our thoughts, what we read, type, see, write, paint and think is instantly displayed regardless of where they, and we are because it is wirelessly transmitted. Learning, productivity and creativity drastically decreased across the globe because of these attacks. They are stealing from all of us - everything!

Scientology tells its people to quit school, quit jobs, go on welfare and attack, harass, steal what they can, disrupt everything, and use wireless technologies to attack people. This is an extremely toxic totalitarian regime! Using wireless technologies they scare people by wirelessly projecting holograms, such as heads on a platter, or SUVs blocking driveways. (look up patents for these technologies). They have whole communes living in apartment buildings doing this – they attack everyone. There are 500,000 such unemployed people in Hamilton, and another 500,000 unemployed in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada attacking our population. They, using latest wireless technologies have the ability to wirelessly steal physical objects without having to enter the premises; delete, alter and steal whole computer data bases even when the computers are not turned on. And at what cost to the taxpayers and our society?!

Some of these technologies and hard drives are located next door at Dams Dutch terrorist family, on Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario; their co-horts Gary and Patricia Ward on Paisley, Dominic Delazari on Parklawn, Vantright on Parklawn, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada; some at 1285 Ontario Street, Burlington, (former landlord) Ontario Canada apartment buildings owned by Scientology front group, Ontim Investments; also at another Scientology front group: Questica technology programming located in Burlington (former employer) , Ontario Canada; Cogeco Cable-Burlington (former employer) partly owned by Rogers Cable, Niagara Falls, Quebec and US; Source Cable, Earthlink, Blast Radius Programming,(Toronto) (former employer) MedBroadcast, British Columbia; Coast-to-Coast, Mc Master University and Hospital, McMaster University chemistry professor whose education consists only of grade 13, David Santry (former employer who poisoned me with cyanide) and his sons who are graduates of McMaster University Computer Sciences program: James and Douglas, and Boris Koehler are involved in the attacks. Mc Master University Hamilton Ontario Human Rights Department fax number 905 522 7102.

Scientology, Dams terrorist family and cops using illegal wireless technologies are able to completely incapacitate person instantly, throw that person, and pin them down and murder instantly at will. They attached technological wireless reels to me and millions of people and connected them to supercomputers for non-consensual mind control experiments, profit, maiming and death, slow-kill, usually after they criminally profited or completed their (decades long) experiments for which they got paid. They are constantly wirelessly in my house and everywhere I go, even out of the country, and are illegally wirelessly recording everything I do for their “customers”. Find out who their customers are – get that list then post it on several sites on the Internet. They are blocking all negative information about them on the Internet. They constantly rape me by sending psychotronic signals to my genitals and download numerous dreams of their choice i.e. Himler dream, all dreams are to torment; push down “Hitler” word every time I swallow.

They use these illegal technologies by wirelessly downloading messages and wireless signals to people, then, they tell people that it’s their dead family members, or evil spirits are contacting them and attacking them, then, Scientology extorts, demands money from people for séances, and for “protection” and attempts to get these people into an occult. Everything they do is hate, terror, rape and fraud. They rape children and girls to input their seed into them.

They installed illegal microwave towers all over the place and are running secondary mass mind control communication channels over top of regular cellular communication channels for mind control of population. What Scientology Nazi satanic cult, Dam Dutch terrorist family and cops have done to me and other people is inhumane, in violation of all known human rights, treaties and laws, and unconstitutionally used on me and the public sector. This is the most horrendous war crime against our whole humanity. Everything they can do to any product, they can do to people and worse! They consider us their “products” and thus their properties from which they profit! They are using us for a mass money laundering world operation using information within our bodies and brains!

Scientology, Dam terrorist family, cops, stole and copied our memories and stored them on Memory Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture using EMF overhead wireless radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with wireless reels to supercomputers which listen, learn, reprogram themselves for further attacks.

Psychotronic weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and physical data-processing systems of the human organism. Dams Dutch terrorist family, cops and Scientology are constantly raping me by sending signals to my genitals, constrict my throat, and constantly send signals to my stomach and the whole body. The whole Dam Dutch terrorist family is attacking me including their granchildren. My body hurts all the time. My stomach aches, my throat is constricted. Dams are always with me wirelessly attacking my body and sending messages to me despite the fact that I told them to get out of my house and my life. I installed additional fences because Dams were also physically breaking into my property, stealing from me and damaging my property; they refuse to leave me alone. I neither have privacy, peace, health or security.

Because of Scientology psychotronic murder machines, we now have Sleep Hotels, and Psychotronic Shelter Hotels. First, they attack us by preventing us from sleeping, then they profit again from their criminal actions.

Scientology hired webmasters for Internet websites, copied government websites, broke links, redirected traffic to their own, stole emails, prevented them to reach their destinations, retrieved faxes wirelessly, altered their content, deleted them wirelessly or copied them etc. They are even able to wirelessly steal physical objects without having to enter premises, including banks, othe financial institutions, law firms, courts, (all of it), and lift human body wirelessly. They did this to me and then screamed: “Are you going to join us now?!” They are inside everything, governments, stock markets, law firms, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, churches etc. and are undermining everything, splitting up families, separating children from parents, abducting people, viciously attacking all of us, especially children, are illegally removing children from their parents, instigating wars, causing trouble everywhere etc. This is an extremely dangerous cult. If they are not stopped, this is the end of our humanity! They are pushing our whole humanity over the cliff into an abyss!

They attacked children and young people with savage viciousness and are in the process of taking out governments, student unions - everything. They hide in numerous so called “churches” even in shopping malls. Get yourselves out of Twitter and Facebook! They control Twitter and Face Book and collect all information from text and other communications to use it against us for mind control. They run businesses in all churches. Stop buying lottery tickets!

Scientology, Dam Dutch terrorist family, Ravensburgens another Dutch terrorist family which owns Ravensburgers Wholesale in Grimsby, Ontario Canada, cops, using these technologies are accessing athletes, pilots on airplanes, people operating heavy machinery, driving cars, and even inside nuclear plants. As far as these people are concerned, the gorier the better for them (for their reality show “events”). Dams’ son is in Michigan; their corrupt son-in-law, who is a corrupt Caledonia OPP cop lives in Fonthill. These people are unintelligent, terrorists, unethical and uneducated. Cecil Dam is a retired truck driver, Sybrich Dam is a store clerk, yet they have access to extremely dangerous technologies.

They have these technologies in their cars, trucks, mobile homes, motorcycles, vans etc. and drive around murdering, raping and attacking, torturing people with wireless technologies.

Scientology infiltrated all churches, they put their own people through RC church which they infiltrated into the First Nations residential schools to take down the Roman Catholic church, attacked the First Nations’ children from within. They opened a Dutch Roman Catholic church in the United States, then castrated several young men in an effort to take down the RC church.

Holland now plans to erect twin towers, and to connect them to resemble New York Twin Towers immediately following 9/11 attack; the whole world is outraged! Show Holland what should be done about that!

Scientology attacked Poland and Polish people, forced 1.5 million of Polish people to move to Ireland where there are no corporate taxes, and thus forced them further into slavery. I am Polish. Money is still owing to Poland and Polish people from the rapes, murders theft of land!
Poland, and Polish people were never compensated, they never received any restitutions for the atrocities inflicted both on Poland and Polish people by Hitler and Nazis during the Second World War and since to this day. Polish people, also were put into the gas chambers by Hitler, yet no one fought for them. Nazis illegally used Polish land for their Nazi concentration camps in an attempt to turn the world against Poland.

German occupied Poland was a prison-like territory. It contained more than 430 camp complexes. Some of the major ones, such as Stutthof and Auschwitz consisted of dozens of subsidiary camps scattered over a broad area. The number of subcamps under Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II (Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was forty-eight (48). Their detailed description is provided by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

The camp system was one of the fundamental institutions of the Nazi regime, and with the invasion of Poland became the backbone of German war economy and the state organized terror. The racist policies of the Third Reich against Slavs and other "undesirables" filled the labor and concentration camps from the first days of occupation. The deliberate maltreatment, starvation, overwork and executions of prisoners amounted to ethnic cleansing. Between 1941–1942, the concerted effort to destroy the Polish people including those of other European nationalities led to the creation of death camps, constructed for the sole purpose of extermination. It was only after the majority of Jews and Polish from all Polish ghettos were annihilated that the gas chambers and crematoria were blown up in a systematic attempt to hide the evidence of the crimes. The Nazi Germans turned Auschwitz Konzentrationslager into a major death camp by expanding its extermination facilities. The ovens working around the clock till November 25, 1944; were blown up by the orders of SS chief Heinrich Himmler himself.

Scientology recently attacked Ukraine, then demanded protection, extortion money from Ukraine to stop the attacks, just as Dams, the Dutch terrorist Dam family has been demanding from me. Dams have been threatening that they will blind me and hurt my family.

So far we have informed Interpol, 58 locations of FBI, CSIS, RCMP,IRS, Canada Revenue Agency, all members of Canadian Senate, all Ministers of Canadian Parliament, 40 Class Action Lawfirms, Intellectual Property and Copyrights, CRTC, Fintrac, The First Nations, International Red Cross, Geneva Convention, International Criminal Court, Polish, Jewish, Irish world communities, seniors organizations, veterans, youth organizations, child protection agencies, adoption agencies, human trafficking organizations, newspapers, radio stations, television stations, mayors, cities’ councilors in all cities, individual departments government employees, student unions, student unions, student governments and alumni, sports teams, human rights and social justice organizations, Yale University, NHL, NBA, General Motors, all car dealerships (all of California, ) even the Vatican etc. Canada and United States and world wide. We have asked country of Qatar and Kiwait to come on board to fight this evil. (Please unite to fight this evil). We need help with proving who and how is attacking us, and with disconnecting us from Scientology psychotronic wireless servers, their murder machines; we need help with cutting our wireless cords from them, otherwise they will murder us all . We don’t want them in our lives.

They went after children with savage viciousness and have sold books with subliminal brainwashing messages to public libraries under "Owl" logo and name. Most of the mind control and psychotronic human body assault wireless psychotronic technologies patents were created and applied for by India's technological scientists. Indians (from India), Indians, members of Scientology are forcing citizens to marry their members. Most of Cogeco Cable, my previous employer’s employees are from India, as is most of Mississauga, Ontario.

When I swallow, they download wirelessly by first illegally accessing my body, the word: “Hitler”, they also downloaded “Himler” dream wirelessly to further torture me.

They also have wireless technologies to disable any electronic car’s components. Look up patents for these technologies.

Are you ready to live in Orwell’s nightmare of Big Brother and mind control slavery? The New Fourth Reich of Hitler’s demonic dream where perverted and promiscuous sexuality is promoted as “normal” and “healthy” , while Satanism with its rituals of human sacrifice is the only “religion” allowed?!

They will continue to attack our whole humanity, and in the end, there will not even be any evidence that we ever existed if they are not shut down, their technologies destroyed, their computers destroyed. They will make sure that there is no evidence left that we, our humanity ever existed!

This is a war crime against our whole humanity! SHUT THEM DOWN BEFORE THEY BLOW ALL OF US UP! We need your help. Please unite to fight the biggest war crime against our whole humanity!

Jessica Wallace

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