Quebec: Red Square Revolt

It started with students — first a few at the Université Laval, and then hundreds of thousands, filling the streets every day and every night, wearing red squares (carrés rouges) to symbolize the giant debt they’d accrue if their government went ahead with proposed tuition hikes. Now the movement has turned into a bigger revolt against austerity measures in Quebec — a grève générale illimitée (#ggi) or unlimited general strike questioning the fundamentals of liberal democracy and capitalism. This short video summarizes the strike, its goals, and the persistence of protestors even as the Quebec government attempts to institute draconian anti-protest laws.


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Dear Adbusters,

Please check out the video and letter included in the link bellow:

Form Quebec with love.

White haired old men hiding behind the curtain want to mischaracterize a protest as a revolt, but the Québécois know the difference and aren't fooled, They have joined the protest because they are proud of their children and disturbed by their government. So am I.

Student debt is incurred as a result of a HUGE SNOW JOB done on parents and children by University Professors and Administrations, Union organizers, and Lenders who have the vested interest in ensuring enrollment.

The bamboozle is made on learners who are too LAZY or INEPT to learn the math in order to do the due diligence required to investigate the DEMAND for the "skills" in which they invest. Perhaps they are too "entitled" to realize that a degree in Gender and Women's Studies, Art History, and Basket Weaving are WORTHLESS to the job market.

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