OWS Swarms Wall Street on 1st Anniversary

Occupiers are converging in the Financial District in Manhattan today to mark the first anniversary of the movement’s beginning. Similar protests are taking place in dozens of cities, reports Democracy Now!


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We met at that historic first protest in Zuccotti Park, and that's where we tied the knot soon after.

It was love at first sight for us. Well, more like love at first chant. Micha and I were making a go of it, doing the protests, making our contribution to society, to the brave new world we were creating.

Eventually, capitalism drove us apart. In the new world we are creating, where there will be no lacking wants or needs, where everything will be plentiful and free, we would still be together.

Damn capitalism. Vivre l'Occupy!

You could do so much more. The anti Government folks could join the Tea Party and help kick out the religious nuts. The well educated but unemployed could give up and get jobs that you feel are beneath you. Hint: all jobs are beneath the talents of the people hired to do them. Do the very best job you can and you'll sleep well at night..The pro Government folks could read up on the worldwide failure of Socialism.

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