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Year of the Snake Reflection: #1

Hey all you dreamers, redeemers and rebels out there,

As we enter 2013 - the year of the snake - a great challenge awaits us, one that can activate our deep hidden potential: can we mobilize for Singularity? Is our played out Western civilization still capable of personal sacrifice, spiritual fortitude and meaningful applications of our elleged intelligence? Do we have it in us - maybe with a bit of help from Senece, Buddha, Confucius and Muhammad - to shine a light in the darkness?

Can we get the bees swarming again?

Learn to talk to each other without commercial interference?

Keep money circulating without derivatives and usury?

Construct a global market regime in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth?

Kill off corporations that break the public trust?

Can we add up everything we've learned recently from the Greek anarchists, the Italian autonomists, the london punks, the French tiqqunists, Spanish indignados, Egyptian freedom fighters, the Zuccotti horizontals, the Mexican media warriors, Russian Pussy rioters . . . and trigger a regime change in America?

Here's to all that can happen in the year of the Snake!

From all us here at Adbusters


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what evidence is there that western culture has played itself out?
if the sun, moon and rosy infants can still happen then their is not enough apocalypse
build it all up (us) tear it all down (us and rose petals) then start over with something new...
no us no rose petals no grassy fields, something set up by the globe/gaia that life! at this point would not be able to make it in. This form of life! has been around for 65+million years, maybe thoughts are towards change, refresh, reboot, renew, I'm done!

back in '82 taught us that it might be all over and yet we still plod on with ever greater degrees of western culture. The video SHOULD have acknowledged this source, if they had any respect for great works.

Sorry Adbusters but is not, "As we enter 2013 - the year of the snake - a great challenge awaits us..." a slightly better opening statement than, "Hey all you dreamers, redeemers and rebels out there"?

"Meme" is the perfect word to describe the mental illness that most Americans suffer from. They are in general consumed by the fears the media creates in them, from their personal safety to their body image. My Brothers and Sisters are being brain washed by an ever declining pool of idiocy. I fear that getting through to anyone requires first that they have their own internal realization. We as Americans are conditioned to be concerned with only ourselves, when that changes so to will the world!!!

the key is to use the symbolic communication in a way that is always innately picked up by the viewer. We learn on accident, so don't make any mistakes with your bars. When looking at a direct object the background is muted but ingrained in the brain, mind your periphery.


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