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Year of the Snake Reflection: #1

Hey all you dreamers, redeemers and rebels out there,

As we enter 2013 - the year of the snake - a great challenge awaits us, one that can activate our deep hidden potential: can we mobilize for Singularity? Is our played out Western civilization still capable of personal sacrifice, spiritual fortitude and meaningful applications of our elleged intelligence? Do we have it in us - maybe with a bit of help from Senece, Buddha, Confucius and Muhammad - to shine a light in the darkness?

Can we get the bees swarming again?

Learn to talk to each other without commercial interference?

Keep money circulating without derivatives and usury?

Construct a global market regime in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth?

Kill off corporations that break the public trust?

Can we add up everything we've learned recently from the Greek anarchists, the Italian autonomists, the london punks, the French tiqqunists, Spanish indignados, Egyptian freedom fighters, the Zuccotti horizontals, the Mexican media warriors, Russian Pussy rioters . . . and trigger a regime change in America?

Here's to all that can happen in the year of the Snake!

From all us here at Adbusters


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keep up the good work, busters. if only more of your readers took the time to understand to dig deep and understand the layers as you all do so well. To the future!

At the same time, if only Adbusters could step back and take time to present ideas in ways that are more understandable to more people. This will take longer, but what is the point in pressing going ahead - if you are not taking enough people with you?

how many is enough? who will benefit if not already self-directed? too many already depend on being spoon-fed information. those that have a mind to shape the future will, others will continue to consume and feed the machine. it is up to the individual to pursue ideas to their fruition. waiting on others to get on board is what makes bureaucracy the weight around the neck of humanity it truly is.

Don't know when enough is enough but - given a seeming lack of awareness - it is likely to be more than at present. While most mass-media feed people are unaware that there is other information out there, it must be worth putting in the effort to reach the folks that ARE ready to be un-plugged. Otherwise, might not Adbusters end up being something of a talking-shop?


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