Matthew Almonte

We should all be taking stands like this.

Matthew Almonte plonks himself (literally) in the middle of the fight between corporations and the people (and the air they breathe, the water they drink). Camping out inside the dark pipe (Matthew is living inside the Keystone XL Pipeline which he hopes to block for good), Almonte encourages others to be empowered, as he is, to take courageous and creative action against resource extraction. Easier said than done, sure, but Almonte is doing it.


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Ah... the old non-violent protest.
Alone he stands against the tyranny of the corrupt, his shield is the strength of his convictions, justice is his cloak and his only weapon - Truth.
But sulking in a pipe is better than doing nothing i suppose... maybe its time to stop trying to fix the world from the inside, working through the system... maybe its time to step outside... but do we have the courage?

Yea, just step outside the system and then TA-DA, everything beautiful spontaneously erupts and the sky bestows doves? - Are you fucking kidding.. Non-violent action is a key component of the resistance. Along he stands because you prefer to comment on adbusters articles instead of acting in solidarity. Sulking online is worse than blocking a pipeline's route.

criticism accepted. but it IS possible for a person to comment here, as well as be active in changing things in the real world... a day job as it were...
but don't you think that the current political/legal system is so corrupt that its not possible to change things without contradicting it, i.e. breaking laws? and we have to step outside it?
... maybe the real question is how much we care about changing things... if we really care about saving the planet, then the law becomes another obstacle to overcome/manipulate rather than a noble writ to respect and honour...

This is your classic case of the right thing being done in too few numbers. If a million or even a few thousand were there it would be a done deal but just a few... we shall see. Good luck to him anyway.

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