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Across the developing world, mass migration and population rise is pushing people to the margins of urban centers. In Navotas Cemetery, Manila, Philippines, 2000 families live with the dead, many of them even bearing their children in the crypt.


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How can we be rich knowing that this poverty exists because of the exaltation of greed, perhaps when we take action to end this disparity and suffering a different form of wealth will enter our being and be broadcast to others.

O.k: so first we need to identify the sources of the problem: Then find out why those are happening...then set reversals from the inside out.
So...I can't say I have enough info: All I know for sure is that the income is very low. The cause of this could be due to government tyranny: or an un-self sustainable atmosphere. It is perhaps the countries are either outsourcing necessities to make profit: while their own infastructure suffers...or maybe it is a result of dictatorship. The Video says it is a result of overpopulation. How can me and others help the country to sustain it's own living? India is also dealing with this...I wish I could go and set up something to produce a structure of market in which they could Use their resources to use for their own well being At the same time not giving into consumerism as an aftermath. Is this greeds fault? could it be that corporations are not supporting these countries due to outsourcing of other cheaper labor? Or is it that there is not enough resources in general for the country to be supported? Hmmmm...Maybe it is the lack of knowledge to build a sustainable environment. Maybe not...I'll consider these questions.

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