Redefining Progress

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Has growth become uneconomical? It's a question worth considering. Historically, growth has been held as the axiomatic goal of the global economy – with the production/consumption cycle churning as its engine of progress. But as our fossil-fueled society steps further into the era of peak-everything, has it not become increasingly evident that many of the assumptions upon which we have based our societal goals are bound for disaster? Degrowth is an idea predicated upon equity, balance and simplicity; things that have been all but lost in our era of economic meltdown. In the spirit of thinking experimentally rather than rushing toward immediate, end-all solutions, we'll be toying with the idea of degrowth more and more in the coming months. For in looking for ideas that support people and communities in the long term, what could be more worthwhile than reconsidering positions that equate to suicide in a sordid political landscape?


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