An Incredible Piece of Journalism

2013 Epiphany Countdown: #6

This historic essay published in the New Yorker from August 1946 recounts the story of six survivors (if we can use such a word) of the atomic blast at Hiroshima, 8:15 am August 6, 1945. This is an incredible piece of journalism, offering much perspective on nuclear power, especially if it is considered alongside the more recent nuclear meltdown at Fukushima – which is the subject of the documentary, Reaktor, featured in the video above.


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Okay maybe not incredible, but this is simply a vlog. I love how this one shows respect for Hiroshima and wants to change something, but it isn't quite incredible, yet. I think people are being too critical of this entry but I do see where everyone is coming from. I give this guy, and Adbusters, some props. Respect.


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