A Canadian Spring

The heart of #idlenomore.

There are lots of "springs" happening across the world, following Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. A "spring" is not just another protest, it gets to the heart of what's wrong with that particular country and regime. It exposes the historical reasons for needing a regime chance, and articulates the possibility of spring, a different kind of future beginning now. #Idlenomore pricks at the vital nerve of Canada's foundational and ongoing colonialist enterprise. This movement stands for everything about Canada that ought to be defended. Its significance cannot be overstated.

This video captures the spirit of #Idlenomore. It was produced before Harper agreed to meet with a delegation of First Nations Chiefs. This upcoming meeting (Friday January 11th) will discuss treaty rights. Chief Spence will be joining, continuing her hunger strike until then and potentially afterwards, depending on the outcomes of the discussion. As Spence says, "we'll see what the results are, if there's really a positive result, because there are a lot of issues that we need to discuss."


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As an update, Chief Spence has currently refused to participate in the meeting on January 11th because the Governor General of Canada, who represents the Queen of England in Canada, will not be participating in the discussion of treaty rights. The ongoing treaty relationship predates the founding of "Canada" and the establishment of the federal government responsibility for "Indians and lands designated to Indians" and therefore implicates the Queen's representative as the original treaty signatory (for those treaties involving the British Crown).

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