Fire with Fire

On April 2, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board published Our Dishonest President, the first in a four-part series examining Trump’s 70-day presidency. The series pulls no punches, calling Trump out as a ‘narcissist’

Emperor has no clothes

  Wake up America, your Emperor has no clothes. Hey America, How many people does Donald have to denigrate, how many lies does he have to tell, how many ‘pussies’ does he have to

Trump the Narcissist

He embodies a narcissistic fantasy and defense against anxiety that is present in Traditional Christian White Males, especially those who are disaffected.

Great again?

At the height of the post 9/11 surge of patriotism, it wasn’t just a few wayward neocons like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz who were willing to accept torture as a way of gaining intelligence

The Real Donald Trump

The US presidential race is looking more like a circus every day, an absurd spectacle with Trump masquerading as a strongman in the central ring… but it’s impossible to take his performance seriously. So