We seek to explore vandalism as an intentional mode of aesthetic expression.

The Catastrophe That, In Some Respects, Has Already Arrived

A universal ‘growth fetish’ defines representative democracies today, essentially enforced by a crude liberalism that presumes interference in the so-called free market is illegitimate. Regulatory tinkering, at most, is permitted. Empire marches on.

Public Action

Something very important had happened to me. I felt liberated. I doubt if I could have explained that at the time.

Little Traditions

These minor peoples now see themselves suddenly called upon to assist the old moderns..

My First Revolution

With the road cleared the tank began rumbling down toward us. Luis’ eyes stared at me through the hole in his mask. He put one of the rocks in my hand and said, “Fight with us.”

Dark Age Society

When growth gives way to decline, the consequences can be traced in the history of every collapsing civilization.

So Fake

The cynicism of American capitalism is that it does not feel the need to be deceptive.

Our Millennial Gloom

We stayed up all night, my friends and I, under hanging mosque lamps with domes of filigreed brass …