From my grasp

  On our last Mother’s Day together, I took her to the big morning Mass at St. James Cathedral. As I attempted a Houdini maneuver getting her out of the car, up the curb
Photographs from the West Bank - by Noah Epstein

The Matrix of Control

In a post­ colonial age, how is Israel able to sustain a half-century occupation over the Palestinians?
Scott Cook

I think therefore I am capital

In the worldview of the Cree, life is lived along a trail of experiences. Sharing experience with others is a result of the crossing of two life trails. Life is experienced as a tangled
Wang Chien Yang


Capitalist forces want us to pretend like our discourse in isolated spaces is enough to create change.
Mirko Cresta


Today’s world is comprised of two archetypes: dynamists and catastrophists.
Transart Berlin

Two versions of collectivity

The new fight for hegemony is going to be between two versions of collectivity – the liberal elites will try to profit from both.