Join us

I’m a guerilla in an information war,

a slow-simmering battle of memes

and counter-memes, ideologies and

worldviews. I’m reprogramming the capitalist

algorithm, turning growth into

de-growth, taking back the meaning

of “progress” and reinventing the

American Dream. I’m popping up on the

evening news, on billboards, corporate

websites and disrupting the spectacle.

Injecting cognitive dissonance.

Epiphanies around every corner.

Marching in the Streets is not for me

I’ll do secret things

Pick my own moment

Turn a bank window into a work of art

Nail a manifesto to the doors of the economics departments

Blackspot an ATM

Dance on the back of the stock market bull

A beautiful gesture has its own way of making history.

 – The Blackspot Collective          

Adbusters #122

Manifesto for World Revolution, Part 5