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Fact: Daily amphetamine use is characterized by paranoia, erratic behavior, delusions of grandeur and pathological lying.

Think about Trump’s never ending antics, his ability to believe his own lies. He claims to have won the popular vote, inflates his inauguration crowd beyond sensible explanation, and asserts that his raid on Yemen was a great success. His bizarre claim to have never been in contact with Vladimir Putin, despite also admitting to meeting the Russian leader on multiple occasions … these are consistent with the confused ramblings of a drug addict.

Recognize the signs: he perceives threats in certain members of the population in the absence of facts. He is paranoid about so-called fake news and obsessed with trivial matters. He aggressively attacks his friends and his adversaries, often unable to distinguish between the two. He suffers from a lack of social inhibitions and is a documented sexual deviant. Not to mention the unrealistic ideas about his own personal ability and power … the skin disorder he must cover-up each day with layers of bronzer to create that notable orange glow, the vanity so painfully evident.

During his press conferences, his mannerisms and movements show the physical signs of the addict. Random twitches, shakes, an inability to stay focused, loss of memory, the stuttering, even the strange way he cannot seem to control the volume of his voice … unmistakable traits of an amphetamine user.

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