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Hey America,

How many people does Donald have to denigrate, how many lies does he have to tell, how many ‘pussies’ does he have to grab before we realize that he is wearing no clothes?

When are you David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Paul Krugman and all you other intellectual pontificators at the New York Times and Washington Post going to stop writing cutesy critiques and go into all out attack mode?

When are you Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria, Anderson Cooper and all you journalists at the White House press briefings going to have the guts to ask Spicer straight up if Trump is high on amphetamines?

When are all you climate scientists going to take a break from writing learned papers (and moaning about cutbacks) and go after Donald for having some screws loose in his head?

When are you psychologists going to diagnose Trump’s inability to distinguish fantasy from reality, his persistent lying and chest thumping as symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder?

When are you lefties going to stop waving those same old placards around in the streets and start stink bombing Trump Tower?

Who’s going to be the first to point out that the Emperor has no clothes? Who’s going to be the first to throw a pie in that lying bastard’s face? Hell, are we really going to let him get away with calling Barack a “sick” guy?

Time to dig deep for some of that can-do, kick ass, revolutionary spirit that made America great. Time to hit Trump where it hurts . . . and wait for that magical moment when impeachment proceedings can begin.


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