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Charlottesville shocked us with its unexpected fury . . . forces colliding and crashing into each other all at once. Could this be the beginning of the Planetary Endgame?


Imagine a future world locked in a severe economic downturn . . . perhaps like the one that happened in 2008 . . . or like the stock market crash of 1929. People are feeling hopeless, destitute and angry . . . eager and willing to follow any leader, any movement that promises to fix things and “make America great again.”


Then imagine, in that world where everyone is struggling to survive, clashes erupting like the one that hit Charlottesville last Saturday . . . city after city falls into a dog-eat-dog war of Right vs. Left.


Is that so far off?


We may just be entering the same territory Harry Leslie Smith remembers as a teenager in 1939, laughing at the newsreels of Hitler, of fascists, of Right-wing radicals across mainland Europe, not capable of imagining that the world would descend into a 6-year dark age

Time could very well be looping back upon itself


-Kono, for the Blackspot Collective