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Adbusters is proud to present the online premiere of The Boombox Collection: Boots Riley.

“The Boombox Collection” series is born out of a deep appreciation for the unsung pioneers of “working class” Hip Hop. Artists who have shaped our attitudes and perspectives of the world for nearly 20 years. Artists who have been steadfast in their choice not to rap about “money, power, and bitches”, and instead share their knowledge, wisdom, and life through themes that cut against the oppressive voice of the money-hungry, suit-and-tie controlled world of mainstream rap.

Boots Riley represents the everyman. He lives modestly, check to check, and will strike up a conversation with anybody. His presence reminiscent of a rock star, his music dressed in the code of the streets, but with a substance that can hold up against any textbook. Through his group, “The Coup”, he has taught his audience more about the roots of wealth inequality, the perils of capitalism, and the struggle of the working class than they’ve learned in most classes or books. His music crystallizes within many of us a core belief: that the greatest vote you have, especially in a capitalistic economy, is not at the ballot box, but our ability to withhold our labor.

There’s not a better person to introduce “The Boombox Collection” with than Boots Riley: a radical, a revolutionary, and above all a master of his craft.

The film and series was created by Mohammad Gorjestani and Malcolm Pullinger of Even/Odd Films, you can also view the full video here.

Forward written by Mohammad Gorjestani (@mogorjestani). Adbusters is pleased to be collaborating with the film’s creators on the online release of this project.

Production Co. : Even/Odd Films
Director: Mohammad Gorjestani
Executive Producers: Mohammad Gorjestani & Malcolm Pullinger
Editor: Malcolm Pullinger
Director of Photography: Michael Gioulakis
Sound Design and Mix: Max Hirtenstein
Associate Producer: Pedro Javier Hill