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It looks like the Saudi’s are preparing to thump their inter-sectarian rival Iran.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is consolidating his domestic power, streamlining his chain of command and is now actively searching for pretexts to launch a “defensive action”. So . . .

So the Russians will probably stay out of it for now. The US will sit on the sidelines, reluctant to get involved in this “internal Islamic squabble,” while liberally provisioning the full panoply of modern armaments that the Saudi’s will need to pound the hell out of Iran.

Israel will attempt as much as possible to sit it out along their West Bank and Gaza brothers and sisters – that long elusive peace treaty between the two being the pot of gold at the end of this war rainbow . . . unless of course Hezbollah acts brashly and attacks Israel wholesale, in which event – and Hezbollah knows this – Israel will Dresden Lebanon.

There is now a spider web of Iranian infiltration throughout Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc., factions of which will try their best to draw Israel into the war. Chances are high however that Hezbollah is going to fuck-up badly and the aftermath of this whole mess will see regime change in Lebanon.

So, yeh, hold on to your hats, folks! War comes again to the world.

Daryl Atamanyk

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