Feedback of the Week

Ok Adbusters, I just finished#130, fresh out of the mailbox this morning. Started with the Impeachment side because I knew it would fan my flame. The fire that started with Occupy, the fire that

Logo of the Day

Another reason to be critical of the SuperBowl spectacle. Along with mindless consumerism, advertising as entertainment, and the sheer amount of waste, there is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. CTE is a degenerative disease that plagues

Post-Truth Century

In the post-truth 21st century, illusion replaces reality. No one can tell what is real. The illusion show is the new reality show. Films depict crime and violence as socially acceptable forms of entertainment.

The Real Donald Trump

The US presidential race is looking more like a circus every day, an absurd spectacle with Trump masquerading as a strongman in the central ring… but it’s impossible to take his performance seriously. So

Jam of the Week: Video Mindbombs

Hey Jammers, Let’s start disrupting news feeds all over cyberspace with videos like these: Share it with unlikely audiences… embed it in strange places. Help us get these mindbombs seen by as many people

Jam of the Week: Cognitive Dissonance #1

Last week we challenged you to create widespread cognitive dissonance around the world by putting ourEverything Is Fine, Keep Shopping poster up in malls everywhere. Cognitive dissonance is a high tension state between two

Jam of the Week: Become a Guerrilla Gardener

This week we’re calling for a massive worldwide reclaiming of urban space . . . for all you activists with a green thumb to join the global movement of guerrilla gardeners, silent revolutionaries who