Sherwood Hinze

The celebrated philosopher-king of the neoconservatives forging America’s radical new foreign policy was a controversial philosophy professor at the University of Chicago. Leo Strauss, who died in 1973, was little known outside of academic and think-tank circles until this year, but the influence of his ideas has long been felt.

We’re in the Endgame Now

That pretty well sums up the way most of us in the affluent West feel about global warming: we’re ready to make small sacrifices, change our light bulbs, our cars and even our leaders, but our culture – the American way of life – is not negotiable.

Taming the Watchdogs of Media Concentration

Although the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have shown that media conglomerates limit the diversity of views, subvert democracy and stymie journalistic integrity, media regulators continue to let them expand. As each of these three countries enters another round of media convergence, their federal media watchdogs appear to be looking the other way.

I Want To Bring The Nike Corporation To Its Knees

For a decade now, Jim Keady has been trying to kick Nike’s ass using their shoes as ammo. The former professional soccer player’s crusade began when he was canned from a coaching gig for refusing to wear Nike’s products – a stand he took after learning what was happening in overseas sweatshops while researching his masters thesis.

Neocon II: Lie Hard With A Vengeance

Despite the walloping defeat of the Republicans in the 2006 midterm elections, the clowns are once again spilling out of the Volkswagen. Lately the neocons seem to be all over the public airwaves, and not as the targets of purgative public flogging or tarring ceremonies, but as the subjects of serious interviews, with respected journalists treating them like real human beings with real opinions.

Hold the New York Times’ Feet to the Fire

Hey all you wild ones out there, Adbusters is launching a #AlltheNewsThatsFitToPrint campaign to take on the biased reporting at The New York Times. For years now, The New York Times has had a