Fear of Falling

“When I was a boy,” Donat said, “I was afraid of falling into the sky. And you? Were you ever afraid of falling into the sky?” I made no reply. The idea was absurd. No one falls into the sky, and surely even as a child I had sense enough not to fear such a thing.

Jazz and Jihad: The Discourse on Solidarity

It took a while before I gathered that jazz was… actually a form of resistance. Nowadays I realize that jazz is no different from Jihad. As much as jazz, the classical music of America, has been a call for freedom, America is not a free place anymore.

Winter was wild this year…

She always had someone: the strongest one, the man who had slaughtered the most animals. Now the man who had killed the most barren cows slept by her side with his white skin that sparkled by her brown body. He held her in his dreams.

Fighting For Air: An interview with Eric Klinenberg

As America’s major media companies pressure the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow for more cross-ownership, Eric Klinenberg examines how media consolidation is suffocating democracy and even putting people’s lives at risk.

Harper’s Green Veneer

Harper’s attempt to portray himself as environmentally conscious is all the more insulting considering his track record. Harper’s “greening” is nothing more than a whitewash.

Sherwood Hinze

The celebrated philosopher-king of the neoconservatives forging America’s radical new foreign policy was a controversial philosophy professor at the University of Chicago. Leo Strauss, who died in 1973, was little known outside of academic and think-tank circles until this year, but the influence of his ideas has long been felt.

We’re in the Endgame Now

That pretty well sums up the way most of us in the affluent West feel about global warming: we’re ready to make small sacrifices, change our light bulbs, our cars and even our leaders, but our culture – the American way of life – is not negotiable.