Power of the swarm

We can transcend the top down hierarchical mindset that has plagued human civilizations for thousands of years and start calling the shots from below.

Creative Brainstorm

Send me art that burns borders. Send me ideas that respect the differences between us. Show me how musicians, filmmakers, writers, visual artists, dancers, cooks, creators and collaborators are re-imagining this world in the here and now.

Fire with Fire

On April 2, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board published Our Dishonest President, the first in a four-part series examining Trump’s 70-day presidency. The series pulls no punches, calling Trump out as a ‘narcissist’

Freedom Redefined

Contemporary freedom is not primarily the enjoyment of civil liberties, as the traditional liberal view has it, but rather like the freedom of free fall, experienced by many who are thrown into an uncertain and unpredictable future.