Hashtag Figure 8

Submitted by Danny Golden: I’m a musician based in Austin, TX. There’s a song on my most recent album Uptown Islands, Downtown Ghosts that has a feel and themes straight out of an issue


When chaotic behavior begins to emerge in an oscillating system, that’s a sign that real trouble may be sitting on the doorstep.

In the Post-Truth 21st Century

In the post-truth 21st century illusion replaces reality. No one can tell what is real. The illusion show is the new reality show. Films depict crime and violence as socially acceptable forms of entertainment.

Buy Nothing Day 2016

Anxious about climate change … sick of being yanked around by the consumer collar … disgusted by your own habitually over consumptive ways? On Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, break free!
Photographs from the West Bank - by Noah Epstein

The Matrix of Control

In a post­ colonial age, how is Israel able to sustain a half-century occupation over the Palestinians?
Scott Cook

I think therefore I am capital

In the worldview of the Cree, life is lived along a trail of experiences. Sharing experience with others is a result of the crossing of two life trails. Life is experienced as a tangled