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The triangle of embitterment intensifies.adbusters_blog_karzai_S

Today, Afghan President Karzai issued a statement that he will be boycotting peace talks with the Taliban unless the process is “Afghan-led.” This announcement came a day after the USA agreed to talk to the Taliban in Doha, where the militants now have an office.

To Karzai, the presence of this office contradicts the USA’s security guarantees to his government. A triangle of tension, embitterment and violence is building between the Afghan government, Taliban and the US – the Taliban have given no indication that the fighting will end, carrying out an attack on the US military base in Bagram just hours after what was supposed to be a first step towards reconciliation.

Karzai is clearly incensed over the USA’s “inconsistencies” in statement and action over the peace process with the Taliban. But Karzai’s own stance towards the American occupation is contradictory, the consequences of which may soon unfold in predictable ways, as this excerpt from Adbusters issue #108 illustrates:

Tortured, castrated and hung from a traffic barricade. That was the fate of Dr. Mohammad Najibullah, the former puppet roller of the Soviet regime in Afghanistan.When the Taliban finally seized Kabul in 1996, jubilant fighters dragged the ousted leader from a UN compound and killed him and his brother in the streets.

As the former head of the notorious secret police, Najibullah was a significant symbolic victory for the movement. The latest foreign puppet in Kabul, this time on behalf of America, Hamid Karzai, no doubt fears a similar fate. His contradictory, confusing and sometimes openly defiant stance toward the American occupation is an attempt to appear independent from the superpower … but this may not save his skin.

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