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At critical times throughout history, university students have sparked massive protests, calling their leaders on their lies and steering their nations in brave new directions. It happened on hundreds of campuses around the world in the 1960s and, more recently, in South Korea, China and Indonesia. It happened again in Greece last year and, as we go to print, it’s happening in Iran.

In this section of the book we feature a series of provocations – mindbombs – designed to explode in the unsuspecting brain, wiping out old neuronal networks and creating spaces for new ones to grow. Download the ones you like at and whack them up in the corridors of your department and around campus. Have some fun. Whip up debate. Invite dissenting guest speakers. Relish in the thrill of playing cat and mouse with your professors. And send us your best mindbombs and winning strategic moves so that we can share them with student groups everywhere.

Neoclassical economics – the theoretical foundation of our unsustainable global system – is a bucket that’s ready to tip … all it needs is for students in economics departments around the world to rise up and give it one good kick!

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