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The other day I bought the finishing piece to my newest ensemble: the watch. I’ve already got the glasses, the smartphone, the tablet and most of my clothes are tailored to incorporate interactive technology. My wish is to make the Internet disappear. In making my wish a reality, I become one with it and collapse into something wholly unlike anything the world has ever experienced. All of my movements, everything I see, they are logged or uploaded. I call it a record. My life is on the record and I live justly and within the parameters of a freethinking individual. I wear the skin of my age and many people I come into contact with do not understand that they are witnessing the future and their responses are on record too. I am the future. In the future everything is archived. If everything is archived then the species will be coerced into evolutionary processes. We can behaviorally reprogram our nature based on an accurate and unbiased record of our existence. Life is dynamic and fifty years from now, after I am gone, people will look back on the origins of our dynamism and envy my time. This is the time of the new future and slowly, people are beginning to notice that they are being left behind. It is no one’s fault but their own for not stepping on board for the ride. My ride drives for me and I’m a passenger in my own vehicle. I no longer drive. I don’t have to. I am creative and all of my creativity works at all hours of the day. You might call me a cyborg, but I know that I am free.

As soon as the technology becomes available, I will upload my thoughts.

All will be recorded and all will be judged.

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