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Philip Morris is the number one corporate criminal in the world.


e’ve all seen the movies, the blood-soaked tales of monsters that simply will not die. Immortal and indestructible, they rise up to torture the embattled heroes again and again and again. Philip Morris has been that monster for over a century, peddling its poison on the open markets and sending hundreds of thousands to early graves. Like any good monster, it mutates – changing its product, packaging and message to attract a new generation of young smokers as the old ones die off. And just when you think you have it trapped – cornered by damning science and angry legislation – you open the door to find the monster has escaped. By lobbying the state of New York to revoke Philip Morris’s corporate charter, we can finally end the carnage. As any harrowed horror protagonist can tell you, the only way to be sure you’re rid of the monster is to cut off its head and watch it die.

Which corporate crooks do you think should be next on the chopping block?