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Against America’s Intellectually Bankrupt Elite?


Ever since 9/11, America has been painting itself into an ecological, political and spiritual corner and much of the blame lies at the feet of its intellectual elites pontificating endlessly on the mainstream media. The mostly petty, ego-infested issues they keep thrashing around in their newspaper columns, books, magazine articles and on TV bear much of the blame for getting the nation into the crisis it now finds itself in. Under their watch, America has become a confused nation — a free-fall nation — a nation with no moral backbone whatsoever.

Hey, why don’t you just get the fuck out of the way. Let a fired-up crop of young thinkers strut their stuff in the OP ED pages of the New York Times, disrupt the hallowed pages of the New Yorker, duke it out with Charlie Rose on Public TV and nail the warmongering generals on CNN. America won’t get its mojo back until a fresh intellectual breeze blows over the nation.

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