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All is not well in Mexico.



Enrique Peña Nieto is, without a doubt, one of the worst presidents in Mexican history. In just three years his “new” old PRI (Revolutionary Institutional Party) has twisted the country into a fabric of lies, corruption, impunity and poverty, supported by big business and local mass media.

In 2012, he became president through fraud. He purchased votes and manipulated the consciences of the poor. In giving them debit cards from a local financial group Monex, to be used at the supermarket Soriana, he manipulated their support. During his campaign he exceeded campaign funding limits 13 times, with funds being provided from alleged illegal businesses used for the purpose of money laundering. During his tenure he has left many promises unfulfilled.

Under the pretext of improving the country, a false “Pact for Mexico” was undertaken. PRI purchased the support of opposition parties. Congress managed and later imposed ineffective structural reforms that have facilitated the selling off of the country’s resources and local industry to transnational corporations. Our oil and manufacturing sectors have been sold to corporations such as Royal Dutch, Exxon, Mobil, Texaco, Chevron and British Petroleum. Mexico has been sold out to big business under the pretense of economic growth and prosperity, yet only a small group of friends and business people have benefitted from this growth. Over 50 million are now poor. Free televisions are given out as compensation for the lack of education and basic services.

Nieto’s shadow business interests have been exposed by investigative journalism. A 7 million dollar mansion, called the White House, is under the ownership of the Higa Group, a construction firm. The Higa Group owns the house while Nieto and his family occupy it, and as a result the group has benefitted from numerous projects and contracts. To protect his image, Nieto pays large sums of money to media companies like Televisa and TV Azteca. He pays off journalists, newspapers, even going so far as to purchase magazine covers, such as Time and Rolling Stone. All of this to white wash his image and keep the critics at bay. The truth is his government is corrupt, but the polls suggest his popularity.

To counteract his media image, image memes that use humor and sarcasm are appearing, attempting to tell the world the truth about what is happening in Mexico. We do not live in a fair country, a happy country concerned for all its citizens. In truth we are under a perfect dictatorship that denies us freedom of choice and expression. Many memes remain unpublished out of fear. Local media owners, editors, they are afraid of punishment. The government will remove advertising dollars and run them out of business. Social networks, the Internet, these are the spaces where it is possible to show the reality of our current situation. With hope, we will raise awareness and interest about our situation. The government seeks to control our reality. Fortunately there are still a few mediums left to expose our government and to communicate with the outside world.

All is not well in Mexico.

— Fabian Giles is an Audiovisual Artist, Graphic Designer and Creative Director. He lives in Mexico City.

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