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Make a small but significant mark on the economy.


What you buy matters. Every time you bypass a local boutique to shop at a big-box store, it makes a small but significant mark on the economy. It’s a vote with your dollar, so why support a system that amounts to a kind of economic feudalism? When you buy local, the ripple effect spreads from cash registers right to your street: 68% of what you spend in an independently owned local store returns to the community through taxes and payroll. With a national chain, only 43% stays in town.

You can shift the balance of economic power with every purchase you make – a point the grassroots 3/50 Project aims to prove. Launched by a Minnesota-based retail consultant and propagated by business owners around the globe through word-of-mouth and flyering, the 3/50 Project makes it easy for you to step outside the corporate-controlled system and take matters into your own hands. With a goal of keeping local economies alive, the call to action is simple: Choose three local businesses you can’t bear to see go under. Spend $50 a month between the three and help keep their doors open. Signing on to the 3/50 Project might be a small step, but revolution is built from the ground up. It’s a straightforward, earnest approach to changing the world, the can-do hallmark of doing business in the altermodern era.

Where do you vote with your dollar? How do you support the independent shops in your community? What else can we do to prevent the big box stores from taking over?

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