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Mobile lovers are more into their phones than each other.adbusters_112_mobilelovers_S

I woke up unusually early today—5am—and, instinctively, like a true slave to devices, immediately lunged for my MacBook.

But then … I decided to do something different, to lend my senses to early morning stimuli instead.

Initially, the early morning is still; it assumes a certain reverence. Life stirs slowly, almost reluctantly; sleep is willed into exile. Soon, sounds shatter the hush of morning. A loud, rowdy motorcycle slices through the silence, echoing across city blocks like a long, angry growl.

Voices ascend to the sixth floor weakened to a whisper; from an apartment above, a burst of laughter cascades the balcony and falls as mere chuckles. In stark contrast are shrill, sharp chirps of a thousand swallows.

A streak of orange-colored light declares the coming of the sun; the increasing incandescence thrills me; I feel a sentiment of delight . . .[cherry_banner image=”5787″ title=”Adbusters #113″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]Rewild the Child [/cherry_banner]