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An alarm clock suddenly rings,

and its name is AC-#2341. This small contraption is unlike any other. The little robot has tiny feet, arms, electronic eyes and ears, and only a microscopic calculator for a brain. But in this universe, Time is more than a binary system used to add or subtract. It has a life of its own.

Time runs distinctly in 4-dimensions. For Example:



On any normal day, AC-#2341 spends most of Time assisting its owner with one important task: Remembering. But in its Free Time AC enjoys reading the newspaper, watching television, and reading up on post-modern philosophy.

“Today will be different.”

AC has been up all night, contemplating fundamental questions about its existence. They are not sure why, but they cannot shake a very important question from their very simple binary brain.

The time is now 0:01/00:00. AC stares 21 stories down from the window sill on the Owner’s apartment, thinking “Today I cannot fail. I must not fail. I cannot fail. I must not! I cannot!”

It is a long way down to the now empty streets which are about to be filled with the early morning commute and chaos of Work and routine, function and mechanical Time.

“Today is different.”

AC is so deeply imbedded in thought at this point, in a blind robotic contemplation, distracted by what they think can be interpreted from the movement of People in the streets below. All they see are tiny dots moving about in a million directions. A child was ever so distracted by the first discovery of a hill of ants in the spring. Today, the little machine attempts so hard to do something more than just count, that it completely loses track of Time. This little exercise has gone from distraction to obsession.

Rather than facing forward, AC had its back to Mr. Y. And, rather than standing closer to Mr. Y, on the nightstand, AC ventured dangerously onto the windowsill, to get a better view of the world outside. This subtle combination of alterations to the normal routine gave way to the following catastrophic chain of events. Mr. Y, reaching for his alarm clock accidentally knocks his little friend AC off balance, tipping them off the window sill, ultimately sending them to their death 21 stories below. He was only reaching for the “SNOOZE” button, he might later explain to the Metro Time Authority. “I could not believe my eyes!”

“Mr. Y says he could not believe his eyes! Mr. Y’s eyes! What a wise guy!”

“Accidents happen!”

AC’s last words were: “I must not fall! I must not fall! I am falling! I am falling!”

“Every hero needs a story.”

Story is Time. The read out on AC is 0:02/00:00 as they fall a great distance to the city streets below. Falling and bouncing alongside the round and yellow walls of the gigantic bee hive tenement housing building, screaming and buzzing the whole way down. “This is it! I am ready… I cannot fail! I must not fall, but I am falling! I can no longer fail! I cannot fail! So, I must be free! I am free!”

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