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A letter to the Editor


I sat in a typically rainy New England parking lot for about 2 hours,

as my girlfriend shopped in a rather large thrift store. The shopping plaza looked imposing for sure. There were people everywhere, they seemed less imposing, just folks going about their lives. I sat in my car reading a book, mostly. I couldn’t help but look up periodically as I read. I kept hearing footsteps in the distance. I also noticed the nuances of life apparent, as people bought their children second hand bikes, clothing, etc… it all seemed so American and non-threatening. I went back to flipping through my Livro, when I heard a knock at my window. I wasn’t startled, just pleasantly surprised. It was a Spanish lady, maybe 34 or so. I asked her what was up, she smiled and said that she needed money to buy food for her and her young son, who I didn’t see. I did what I usually did and handed her a couple crumpled one dollar bills and some pocket change. I give people money here and there. I don’t care what they use it for, hopefully it does something down the line. She thanked me and I told her no problemo. Sometime later, this well dressed man and his blond female companion walked up to my car. The man asked me if I had a wife or girlfriend, I replied yes. My first thought was to ask what they were getting at. They replied that they were selling some make up products at a greatly discounted rate. I said I’d have to pass on it and they were off. I went back to reading my bullshit, but I kept thinking about my experiences in that parking lot. I greatly enjoyed observing the people in the parking lot, but I really dug interacting with them even more.

A letter submitted by Victor DaSilva

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