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Only 16 Years Left to Avoid Nightfall.


Sixteen years is all the time we have left to reduce our oil addiction and avert the predicted 2 degree celsius global temperature rise caused largely by automobiles.

The #16yearsleft campaign, started by Toronto based activist/art groupOur Horizon, is pushing for city councils across the world to put warning labels on gas pumps. Go to and start with your hood. Send a letter to your local representative here.

As for me, I carry the stickers around in my backpack so that whenever I’m out and about, I’ve got a quick and dirty way to earn #killcap points. Stickers are silent, fast and effective. I just grab some designs from the web and print them at home. It may not earn as many points as rancid butter in Goldman Sachs, but by now I’ve probably slapped a few hundred memes onto the gasoline pumps around town. I bike whenever possible. And I offset my carbon emissions by playing #killcap.[cherry_banner image=”5425″ title=”Adbusters #107″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]The Big Ideas of 2012[/cherry_banner]