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To save the planet, it will take everything we’ve got.


America put everything it had into landing a man on the moon back in 1961. Eight years later, the Apollo program succeeded. It was the zeitgeist project, the great challenge of its times.

What are the world’s best and brightest up to these days? Well, Elon Musk wants to take us to Mars, the folks at Google are into everything from life extension to driverless cars, Bill Gates is spending billions to eradicate diseases, Yuri Milner has bet 100 million on finding life out there in the universe and out of Silicon Valley comes a never-ending stream of ventures meant to turn the disruption of life as we know it into the next economic bubble.

These are big ideas—magnificent, even. And yet these projects don’t hit at the biggest challenge of our times. The human experiment on Planet Earth is now in grave danger: the temperature is rising and no one knows how to stop it. Extreme weather, rising sea levels, drought, wildfires, crop failures, humanity’s centre will not hold and we face a fall into a very long, dark age.

This is our Apollo: to pull life on Planet Earth back from the climate brink. It will take everything we’ve got: technology, mobilization, transformation, a million new memes, an ability to imagine beyond borders and cultures and generations. It will take the combined genius of a billion daydreams. This is the great project of our times, and it kicks off on December 19.

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