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…is an infinite array of sign signifiers …


The postmodern is an infinite array of sign signifiers, at least in theory.

It is said that in the postmodern, or pomo, all of life is registered as simulation. Freedom is a moot point because what used to be known as freedom cannot be known in the pomo … it can only be repeated, or copied, in an infinite chain or referents to a past definition that was never experienced. The pomo mind witnesses life, past, future and present, as form. It is alienated from the actuality of existence and resists consequence, favoring ambivalence, but still considers itself to be the result of phenomenal force. Politics becomes an everyday virtue, rarely practiced but consistently preached. In suspended animation, the whole of consciousness is consumed by the culture of the spectacle.

For the first time in recorded history, the global is achieved.

Michael Rattray

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