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Yayoi Kusama breaks down the mental architecture of our global environment.


During the 1960s, Japanese avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist Yayoi Kusama started painting her way out of her daily environment in acts of personal and communal liberation. She broke down barriers between the public and the private, the mental and the physical. What began with the obliteration of her own personhood and learned subjectivity turned in the 21st century to an attack on the mental architecture of our global environments.

The obliteration room is a typical, generalized and homogenous American home, the kind of interior you pick up at a big-box store. Each person who enters into her installation is given a set of colored stickers and they go about abstracting and flattening the mental architecture of the space. In doing so they engage in a communal process that expands the value of the individual in action. The space is abstracted, flattened, obliterated.

Kusama’s method can be used to obliterate banks, gas stations, supermarkets, the White House, whatever.

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